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When a close colleague told me they were nominating me for the 40 Under 40 list, The Network Journal’s renowned annual franchise, I was flattered. And when I got the call that I’d been chosen for this year’s list, I was excited. But did receiving the award mean that I’d finally “made it?” That I was finally a success? It did not. Not for me, and not for the other award recipients I spoke to. You see, the reason we were chosen to be this year’s 40 Under 40 in the first place is because we had already decided for ourselves that we were successful. We didn’t wait for our accomplishments to be validated from the outside. I have always been fiercely ambitious. I’ve always had big dreams and a lofty professional vision. And…

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As an entrepreneur, I pay close attention to the movers and shakers in every industry. I like to see who’s establishing the new trends and capitalizing on them, and how they’re doing it. Someone who does this well is Queen Bey—Beyonce Knowles. I mean, look what we call her! Is there any question that she stays at the top of her game? [caption id="attachment_2901" align="alignleft" width="300"] All rights reserved Beyonce[/caption] Beyonce continually slays the entertainment industry as a singer and a businesswoman. And, in my observation, do you know what I see that all of her hard work gets her? Not the fame, not the endorsements and not the business mogul husband doing big things in his own right. What it gets her is freedom. The freedom to be as creative and as fabulous as she wants to be. When you…


Black Women and Imposter Syndrome: What it is, How to Overcome It: MadameNoire Feature

Ever feel like a fraud on the job? That someone, someday will find out you really don’t know what you’re doing? If you have nagging doubts about your skills more often that not, you could be suffering from what’s called impostor syndrome. According to most definitions, impostor syndrome is when you have persistent feelings of inadequacy, even when you have proof of the opposite. It is highlighted by chronic self-doubt and feelings of “intellectual fraudulence.” Unfortunately, quite a few African-American women deal with imposter syndrome, especially if they work in a homogeneous workplace where they are the odd woman out. And when you consider women of color comprise just 5 percent of managerial and professional positions in the workforce, according to American Progress and Catalyst, impostor syndrome is a real possibility. “Impostor syndrome is…