Global Freedom

As an entrepreneur, I pay close attention to the movers and shakers in every industry. I like to see who’s establishing the new trends and capitalizing on them, and how they’re doing it. Someone who does this well is Queen Bey—Beyonce Knowles. I mean, look what we call her! Is there any question that she stays at the top of her game?

All rights reserved Beyonce
All rights reserved Beyonce

Beyonce continually slays the entertainment industry as a singer and a businesswoman. And, in my observation, do you know what I see that all of her hard work gets her? Not the fame, not the endorsements and not the business mogul husband doing big things in his own right.

What it gets her is freedom. The freedom to be as creative and as fabulous as she wants to be.

When you reach a certain level as a businessperson and when everything you touch turns to platinum, that kind of success buys you the freedom to make decisions that no one in your position has made before…the kind that you don’t need permission to make or the need to apologize for.

When you can drop whole albums online through word-of- mouth only and they break records overnight, again that buys you freedom to break unchartered ground. When a 20-second clip of your upcoming cable TV event, which doesn’t even show your face and features just a few whispered words in your voice, creates a media and network-stopping frenzy, you may now take risks and liberties that other people may not understand but you do them anyway.

All rights reserved Beyonce
All rights reserved Beyonce

This is why I have no choice but to be successful. Not for the glitz and glamour—although ain’t nothing wrong with a little slay now and then! But for the freedom it will afford me as an individual, as a visionary, and as a businesswoman.

It’s a boss move to decide to grow and take advantage of a new opportunity or start a new business, and it takes a whole lot of heart, a dedicated prayer life, a small circle that holds you accountable, a larger than life vision and a whole lot of personal freedom.

I’ve been blessed to live a global lifestyle for the past several years and to create my personal brand with this site. Like Queen Bey, I decided to bet on ANIESIA and my brand, stopped asking for the plug/permission and BECAME the plug , and man has it paid off. I’d like to introduce to you and have you share in what I’ve been making the most of for the past few years.. I call it A Global Lifestylegl-symbol (2)

A Global Lifestyle is the bigger than life extension of IAmAniesia and I’m so proud to have been able to launch it a few months ago with 6 incredible ladies who rock and to introduce you to it! Welcome, everyone, to my new freedom, A Global Lifestyle! Now I’m not going anywhere over here. You will read more thought pieces such as this one here (and hire me for cool stuff!) plus get to experience a global life on the new site.  So get comfortable and enjoy this freedom!



Beyonce Water



I break chains all by myself

Won’t let my freedom rot in hell

Hey! I’ma keep running

‘Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves