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Who is Aniesia?
Aniesia Williams is a brand strategist and expert, journalist and digital media beast. She brings over a decade of experience in areas of marketing, new media, branding, and client management. She has provided her expertise to some of the world’s largest brands, including Ford and Lincoln, Samsung, Lionsgate, Pepsi, and the Clinton Global Initiative, and have written extensively about her experiences. She’s a progressive strategist who understands the needs of companies, c-level executives and agencies, who recognizes what their audiences want to see and hear, and who knows how to present companies and agencies in the most exciting and engaging ways. She has provided content for several publications, including Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and Vogue Insider to name a few.

How we can partner

Real talk! No one buys what you sell. Instead, people purchase what is of value to THEM. Collaborating with Aniesia allows the manifestation of brand and product value to translate with your target audience and brand strategy. Bringing tremendous organizational impact to an all-star team is what gives an organization the ability to change the world. That’s what Aniesia does. EVERY DAY. This is how she can do the same for you and wonderful organizations alike.

Brand Promise
● Assistance in releasing the full potential of your brand and team of leaders through positioning.

Executive Strategy
● Development of executive leaders who want to find their path to growth.

Engaging Brand Story
● Optimization of new ways to looking at opportunities to find growth and engagement on digital and offline mediums.

Unique Approach to Brand Management
● Execution of fresh approaches for changing the relationship between brands and consumers that ultimately lead to brand loyalty.

What People Say
Ms. Williams’ project management expertise, stellar work ethic, and humanitarian efforts have helped catapult our work, including significantly elevating our digital marketing strategies and outputs. Her commitment to helping us push our mission of “executing innovative programs that leverage public and private partnerships, scholarships, mentorship, arts training, and media to increase literacy, college acceptance rates, and entrepreneurial pursuits in the underserved communities we target” is both measurable and beneficial. She’s an advocate for our initiatives
and a believer in our vision. – Dale Godboldo, Founding Member, Clinton Global Initiative Lead
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